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The only guide you need to kickstart your journey to financial success.

What’s included:

– 100+ page main ebook guide


– Goals tracker template

– Daily Spending Diary

– Budget template

– Debt tracker

– Savings challenge booklet

This GAME PLAN contains 100+ pages of guidance, tools, worksheets and challenges designed to help you transform your relationship with money.


Format: Digital download (all the PDF documents are fully editable so you can type straight into them or print them off if you prefer)

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  • Feel confident knowing that you are making smart financial choices.
  • Stop making excuses and fast track your path to financial freedom, security and success.
  • Confront and overcome bad money habits that have been holding you back for so long.
  • Create a clear plan for your money that doesn’t feel restrictive and suits YOU.
  • Finally become one of those people who are ‘good’ at money.
  • Make money management easy and fun so you can start living the life you deserve.


This GAME PLAN contains 100+ pages of guidance, tools, worksheets and challenges designed to help you transform your relationship with money.


Understanding your money story and values is crucial before you start a money makeover.

In this section, we will:

  • Think deeply about your relationship with money.
  • Identify what is holding you back from a prosperous future.
  • Re-write your future money story in a way that aligns with your goals and values.

Changing your mindset towards money is the first step you need to take to transform your finances.

In this section, we will:

  • Discuss why mindset is so important and how to improve yours.
  • Identify the work that needs to happen behind the scenes to reap the rewards.
  • Change your dialogue around money and eliminate your limiting beliefs.
  • Understand that balance is key for long-term success.

Setting financial goals is the key to staying on track and building wealth.

In this section, we will:

  • Explore how to set and accomplish your financial goals.
  • Set SMART goals.
  • Learn how to break down big goals to make them more achievable and less overwhelming.

The next step on your journey is establishing where you are now.

In this section, we will:

  • Establish your current financial position and net worth.
  • Take a look at your existing spending habits.

Having solid systems in place will make managing your money simple and easy.

In this section, we will:

  • Set up your bank accounts in a way that works for you.
  • Understand how you can make ‘free’ money.
  • Explore how automation can make your life stress-free.
  • Make sure you always have money ready to pay your bills.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be hard or boring.

In this section, we will:

  • Explore why budgeting is the key to getting ahead.
  • Set a budget that works for YOU and accounts for saving, socialising and emergencies.
  • Understand the importance of tracking your spending and checking in with yourself regularly.
  • Learn how to bounce back and move forward if you blow your budget.

Life is full of unexpected events. That’s why having an emergency fund is so important.

In this section, we will:

  • Explore what an emergency fund is, why you need one and how much you need in it.
  • Break down the steps to creating your emergency fund.
  • Identify when you should spend your emergency fund.

Saving money does not have to be overwhelming. Let’s make it simple!

In this section, we will:

  • Organise your savings so you feel more connected to where your money is going.
  • Uncover tips and tricks to make saving fun, easy and a natural part of your daily life.

There are two main ways to have more money: increase your income or decrease your expenses.

In this section, we will:

  • Discuss how side hustles can help you achieve your financial goals faster.
  • Explain why lifestyle inflation is the worst thing you can do for your financial future.
  • Understand the importance of good money habits.
  • Discuss ways to cut your expenses and stop impulse buying.
  • Explore how your mood can lead to over-spending.

It’s time to break free from the shackles of your debt and create a plan to conquer it.

In this section, we will:

  • Understand the difference between good and bad debt.
  • Address debt shame and why you can’t let it hold you back.
  • Discuss strategies to pay off your debt quickly.

Insurance and retirement are not the most exciting topics, but it is important to get on top of them early.

In this section we will:

  • Discuss the main types of personal insurances.
  • Break down the retirement schemes in both Australia and the US.
  • Provide actionable tips to boost your retirement savings.

Understand the basic principles of investing and how you can use it to compound your wealth.

In this section, we will:

  • Learn what investing is.
  • Understand the difference between short-term and long-term investing.

Template GOAL TRACKER TEMPLATE 01 DAILY SPENDING DIARY 02 BUDGET TEMPLATE 03 DEBT PAY-OFF DASHBOARD 04 SAVINGS CHALLENGE BOOKLET 05 ACCESS TO ANY UPDATES AND EXTRAS ADDED TO THE GAME PLAN 06 BONUSES Not only will you receive the main guide that is filled with all the knowledge and guidance you need to kickstart your money makeover, but you will also receive all these bonuses to make the process even easier. The best part, they are absolutely FREE! (CLICK BELOW TO SEE MORE)


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The Game Plan is a digital download (all the PDF documents are fully editable so you can type straight into them or print them off if you prefer).

The Game Plan includes a main e-book guide with visuals and examples, as well as a range of bonus worksheets, templates, spreadsheets and trackers to give you everything you need to succeed!

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The Ultimate Money Makeover Game Plan bundle includes the main 100+ page ebook guide plus all the bonuses (debt dashboard, monthly budget template, savings challenges, daily spending diary, goals worksheets)

The Wealth Building Dashboard is an add-on tool that is designed to perfectly complement what you learn in the Money Makeover Game Plan and take it to the next level!

The monthly budget template you receive in the Game Plan is the same as the one in the Dashboard but the Dashboard includes all the other amazing features including:

– Savings goals creator

– Income dashboard

– Expenses dashboard

– Savings dashboard

– Net worth dashboard

So you can track all your financial goals with pretty graphs and visuals.

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