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    Meet Téa Angelos

    Téa is the founder and CEO of Smart Women Society (SWS), one of Australia’s fastest-growing online education platforms helping a thriving global community of over 400,000 women get smarter with their money, careers, wellbeing and love lives.


    She is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to take control of their lives and achieve their goals.

    Ever since she was in high school, Téa was often seen teaching her peers how to create budgets and write their resumés. Her ability to simplify complex topics into engaging, actionable and easy-to-understand steps has led her to create innovative solutions in the personal development space.

    With degrees in both law and commerce, she has previously worked as a business consultant to large global companies and has owned a social media marketing business for the last seven years.

    She started SWS in 2020 and has quickly grown the platform to reach hundreds of thousands of women per month via the website, newsletter and social media. The SWS team build premium digital products covering money, side hustles, self-care, productivity, negotiating your salary and finding a job.

    Téa has been featured in Yahoo Finance and 9Honey. She has also been a guest on several chart-topping podcasts such as Happy Hour with Lucy & Nikki, Curious Conversations with Tully & Sarah, She Was The Fure, The Real Reel with Natalie Barbu, Grow Getters, The Real Her Project, Banking on Women and Morning Rae.

    Téa is based in Brisbane, Australia, but is available for media features and events globally.



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